Look around

Hello Readers, We have all faced times when we compare ourselves with others and feel insecure. We never compare ourselves with people who we consider are below us, But we always compare ourselves with people who are more successful than us. And during the comparision we realise that we have reached a state of depression … More Look around

Beyond words

Forever behind a smiling face remained a soul; Whose story was simple but yet wasn’t told . Fault was that intensions were great but life was hell; Thrashed by destiny it rolled back before he could tell. When stories remain unanswered by false reasons; When is someone is punished without reason for treason. Life doesn’t … More Beyond words

Crossing the low

Its difficult for everyone to get rid of a thing,its impossible for some to do the same,by sharing the lower sides of the life thy i disgrace twice… Born with a simle luring on my face, With caring hands and softening rays, With delicate care preseverd in hands, Like the costliest gem i remain…, Then … More Crossing the low