Why should we Stand???



An enlightening incident occurred with me today and Therefore I couldn’t wait to share it with you all. I boarded a train from Dhanbad and I had to take a 5hrs journey to Kolkata. After a few stations a woman with her daughter too boarded the train. She looked ill and her 9-nine year old daughter looked scared.

Seeing the woman, I was pretty sure that she wouldn’t be able to stand up for 5hours. She tried asking for seat but none of the passengers offered her their seat. It might be because she wasn’t well dressed, But one could easily make out that she was ill. After asking a few men she asked a Boy for a seat. The reply the boy gave shook me.

The boy said, “Sit on the floor.”And the other passengers laughed. While the little girl got even more scared. I couldn’t hear it anymore. So, I gave her my seat. The woman wasn’t in a condition of speaking, So she quietly sat down and closed her eyes. But her daughter made my day. She told me ” Dhannobad Dada (Thank you, Brother)” and gave me one of the cutest smile I had ever seen. I smiled and then stood for 4-hours until I got a seat.

During the entire journey, The woman’s eyes were closed and tears emerged from her closed eyes and her daughter was busy wiping those tears. But whenever she saw me, She used to smile. And that was more than enough for me.

A few months back, My mother was traveling by a train to Ranchi from Dhanbad and it was a 5 hours journey. My mother kept standing for 3 hours but no one offered to help her. When she returned from Ranchi, She made me promise that I wouldn’t turn into those passengers, Who wouldn’t even offer a seat to a woman.

This incident made me thinking about standing up and standing up to someone. Standing up because let’s face it I stood for 4 hours. And standing up to someone just came to my mind. Standing up makes an impression of Independence, Activeness and Politeness. Standing up also has another meaning i.e To support what you think.

Let me give you a few day-to-day examples, +) When someone who you respect walks in and you are sitting, Then it is considered politeness to stand up for that person. It is curtsey to stand up and greet someone.

+) While traveling in a bus/train, We all come across people who are standing and you by luck have a seat. At this scenario, If you find someone in more need of a seat than you do, then you should stand up and offer him/her your seat.

It doesn’t matter how young or old are you. What matters is the fact that you were ready to stand up when time came. This tells a lot about your character too. Giving respect to elders is considered polite and gives an impression of a good human being.

You are not in love with someone unless you are willing to Stand Up for him/her. Here Stand up has the second meaning but actually both of them are linked.No matter what the world thinks, But If you truly believe in something, you need to stand up for it.  Animals too stand up for their children when they are in danger. Even your pet dog stands up and wags his tail when he sees you. When even animals can stand then why can’t we?

Our world has become lazy and People are justing sitting and working. Majority of the population believe in working relaxed. When you look from top everyone will look the same sitting down. What catches our eye is someone who stands in the crowd of people sitting. So, My readers if you consider yourself different then stand up from the crowd because only then you will bee noticed.

P.S:- Standing Up also streches your muscles, So it helps in fitness too… 🙂


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