Flipkart, Snapdeal going Lite! Amazon?

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I was going through my Pocket Diary, When I came across the List of Shopping page, And this led to my next article. The LITE Version.

After Flipkart bought Myntra, It made Myntra.com go App-Only. That means, N access to the website though PC or A smartphone which doesn’t possess the Myntra app. After many promotional deals and sales, The App-Only decision wasn’t a bad move by Myntra. It was a bold move and the market really needs these types of bold moves.

Advantages of Going App Only:-
+) Less maintenance expenditure, As only one way to access the website instead of three.
+) Traffic is easily manageable
+) Fast & Compact

+) Sales decline, As many like to shop by their browsers and when they are forced to install an app just to shop, Then they go for different websites.

+) For Shoppers:-
Online shoppers don’t get any option to compare the prices between two websites while using the app only portal.
This was Contributed by:- AtulMaharaj

Seeing the Success in the App-Only decision, Flipkart too shut down its mobile website. So, Whenever someone tried to log into Flipkart through a Smartphone, They were forced to install the app to shop. While Amazon.in and Snapdeal.com etc had not shut down their Apps. Inspite of many app-only sales, Flipkart couldn’t succeed. Though Flipkart ranks first in Shopping App downloads in India, Followed by Amazon and Snapdeal. But It’s app-only move wasn’t able to reach the goal it was assigned for.

Flipkart again started its Mobile-website by the name Flipkart Lite, Made by 4-Engineers in 43 Days. The Lite version is in compliance with Google’s Chrome Browser and will only be opened by it. Making the doing experience more easy and fast. Amazon never shut down it’s mobile website, And Snapdeal too didn’t. But seeing Flipkart’s new move, Snapdeal too came up with Snapdeal Lite.

The online Shopping wars are catching up and each one of them is trying to win it. But still Flipkart is on Top. Let’s see what Amazon does to tackle the likes of Flipkart & Snapdeal.

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