I am Different, That why I won.


Image Copyright ©BluSP

In a kingdom there can only be one king and he is the one who isn’t similar to any man in his kingdom and Thats why he is considered to be The King.

I was going through a few Facebook posts, When I saw more than 50% of the posts were of people desiring to be unique, Ten of them were my friends.

During my school days, I was the odd one out. I couldn’t play games like others, I couldn’t answer in classes, I was an average student. When people were busy studying and competing each other, I used to gaze at the grasses and wonder about the purpose of my life.

I was considered an outcast by many, But there were people who supported me, My family, My Friends and My heart. I wished to become normal like others. I also wanted to be good at academics, I also wanted to be good at games, I wanted to be popular. But I couldn’t be the one.

Now, After 2-years of leaving school. They are posting about their desire to be different. Actually they realised that millions and millions of people in the world are as much educated and as much talented as them. Now, Seeing this Entrepreneurship trend they have a feeling to be different from the crowd.

And Now I can proudly say that I was different and I have won the race from them in my life.


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