I Dropped a Year!


All of us meet failure in our lives. Some of us are lucky enough to save themselves from a few but you can’t save yourself from all. You have to face failure one day and that time, You will have to take a decision. Should you Retry? or Should you let it pass? For me the defining moment came a year ago. When I was looking for a engineering college. I didn’t knew much about entrance exams and I didn’t studied for them either. God took me to Bangalore which I thought was my destination. Last year Bangalore had everything I wanted:-
+) My 3-Brothers
+) Shruti
+) Modern Lifestyle
+) Future
+) Money
+) Fun & Entertainment

But, My brother talked me out of studying there, Calling the place to be expensive, crowded, busy, mean. I thought about it and talked with my friends. Whatever be the reason I had decided to stay there just because of one reason and that was Shruti. I had planned my life there and what my lifestyle would be like. But as said “If you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans”. Even Shruti advised me to drop. Without even asking my parents I skipped the counseling and came back to Dhanbad.

I wanted to drop a year and stay in Bangalore and by now you would have found or out why. That being said, I asked my parents to allow me to drop and they agreed after being sure that I was enthusiastic about my decision. I joined a coaching here in Dhanbad and then All the complication began to Start. All the reasons for me to stay in Bangalore were destroyed One by One. One of my brothers went to USA, One of them came to Jharkhand and One stayed there. I started loving the way I lived in Dhanbad, My dreams went from IIT Engineer to Entrepreneur. Started saving money and by end of October’14. Shruti went busy with her life. I lost many friends, Many Dreams, Many Desires. But had an Aim to become successful.

After losing everything, I couldn’t study for my Entrance Exams and Eventually, I decided to move on to something important. So, I took my attention towards my family. And within a few months, I got so much attached with my family members that I couldn’t even think about leaving them. I tried getting my 5-desires again. But couldn’t have them. I had a very close friend Pratik, I never took care of my relationships and that led to destroying a lot of them. Shruti had told me this line while leaving “Please don’t insult anyone.” I tried a lot to do what she asked me to but I couldn’t carry on with it. It made me sad. I am a fun loving guy. I have fun with others and then eventually I screw up things with them.

I gave my entrance exams this year, I qualified for Hyderabad & West Bengal. But my mother couldn’t see me go so far and Even I was very much attached with my home. So, I stayed in West Bengal. But my dreams are high. I know I can’t stay here forever. I made many connections here, Broke a lot of them. And with every passing day, I am losing what I made. But my priority has changed and I have focused on excelling in my programming skills.

Actually this post was for the people Who knew me, and wanted to know what I did with my life this year.
I am sorry for all my mistakes.
I sorry If you cried even once because of me. I sorry if I betrayed you,
I am sorry If I insulted you…

I won’t promote my this post anywhere. Its the first post about my actual life. Thank You for Reading this. Do like and Follow my blog.

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