Caste System in India.



India is a vast country with different people, different religions, different cultures, different tradition and Yes, Different Castes. Caste System has been in India from the time Hindu Religion was created. And for those of you who don’t know, Hinduism was the first of all religions to emerge. But let’s leave religion for another day and concentrate on Caste System today.

Basically, The Hindus divided the people in four castes:-
+) Brahmins
+) Kshatriyas
+) Vaishyas
+) Shudras

From the four, Brahmins were considered to be the wise men and they were supposed to do all the mental works for the kingdom. All the important decisions taken by the King had to be consulted by a Brahmin before issuing them. If you have heard of the Mauryan Dynasty then you would know about ‘The Great Chanakya’. Even the crowning of the new king wasn’t done without the permission of the Brahmins.

Kshatriyas were supposed to do all the war works, They had the responsibly to fight and protect their family and their kingdom. Kshatriya were below the Brahmins and They always went to the Brahmins for advice. Most of the Rulers in India were Kshatriyas and Their ministers/advisers were Brahmins. Kshatriyas were the solders in the war, They were the ones who had do go further to fight.



The Vaishyas were the working class people, They were the farmers, laborers, shopkeepers, etc. Vaishyas had to do all the working for the kingdom, Like growing food, Making Building, Servants etc. Without the Vaishyas, The kingdom couldn’t be run. They provided for their family and kingdom.

The Shudras were the people who had the job of pleasing the other three castes. They can be Dancers, Singers, Performers, Prostitutes etc. Now this was how the Hindu Caste System was divided. After the end of the era of the kings. People started rooting for equality. New laws were made, New bills were passed and Reservations were done.

But, Due to some reason the lower castes weren’t satisfied with the laws. So, They redivided the castes into more castes and I mean a hell lot of castes. Every caste has its previlages and they are increasing day by day. The Rich are getting richer and they are living luxuriously, The poor are getting their reservations, free stuffs, discounts, sympathy etc. But the entire burden of Rich and Poor falls on the middle class. They are the ones to pay the taxes for the government to pass new laws favoring the lower castes. The middle class people are the ones who use services provided by rich people making them richer.

In a country like India, It is worst to be a middle class person. Either become rich or become poor. Because of so many illogical reservations If the middle class men are given green cards more than 90% of them won’t return to India. I request the government not to be partial just to get votes… Let’s all make India a country of prosperity.

Thank You for reading.


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