Success is not a Race, Its a Marathon.


This is a rose from my garden, And it took three days to turn from a pod to a flower. Even the pod couldn’t manage to open in a day. This got me thinking about our lives. And how people are running around for success.

Success is not a race, Its a marathon. We have to keep moving even though we are hit a thousand times. We need to work with enthusiasm again after one plan fails. People crave to be successful, But they don’t desire to work hard for it. We want money, fame and happiness without even working for it. Life has now become a race if you won’t run fast, Someone will run you over. And if you won’t even try to win then your failure is guaranteed.

In a movie there is a line, “Don’t run after success, Look for excellence and success will run after you”. To succeed all you need to do is excel in your field by hard work and determination. Once you have excelled in your field, You have automatically succeeded in your life. In your way to success there will be many distractions, But all you need is a desire to excel.

After Facebook was launched, The world thought Mark Zuckerberg become a billionaire in just a day. But what people failed to know that, He had been working for Facebook for months and then he succeeded. If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Social Network’. Then go watch it, You will understand everything about the making of Facebook. What people saw was a simple internet website, But they didn’t see the coding done behind it. What people saw was that a boy of 19 became a billionaire, That didn’t see that a boy of 19 has worked so hard to become a Billionaire.

You need to decide how you want to see the world. If you consider success to be 3-meals a day, clothes, roof, family then also you aren’t wrong. You have your own thoughts in your thoughts you are on the right track. Though the world won’t consider you to be successful. But you need to understand that you are successful in your own way, i.e you heart is filled with happiness.

A journalist asked an entrepreneur saying “You have become rich in just one night, How did you do it?”
The entrepreneur replied “Sir, you don’t know how long was that night…”

And remember, If you want to succeed Start now, Don’t wait for the right time. The time is now, And all you need is hard work, Determination and a little knowledge about the working of the world.


Image Copyright:- ©BluSP
All Rights Reserved.



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