Stock Market (1st Post)

top-stocks-to-buy-in-indiaLike every money crazy kid in the hood who thinks about investing in Stock Market and getting rich. I have also started my Stock Market Luck. I have deposited Rs.1000 in my DeMat Account. I have decided that as soon as I get a good Idea about the Stock Market. I will invest furthur. Okay, Moving along…

I opened an Account with a Discount Broker online. The only reason I opened my account with them was because I didn’t wanted any suggesstions or advice or any kind of help regarding my investments. I have read a few Stock Investing articles and most of them said that we should invest in stocks we know about. But frankly, I haven’t come across any stocks whose business model I can understand.

Okay, So I have deposited Rs.1000 in my Demat Account and I have decided to Trade with it. I invested in a few stocks for Long Term benefits but found that Rs.1000 wasn’t enough to make some Huge Money from the Market. Ofcourse if Someone is starting to invest in the stock market, he is sure to know about Warren Buffet from USA and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala from India. I was very much fascinated by them both and So, I also decided to invest.

Okay so lets start from the Opening the Demat Account:

  1. Find a Stock Broker. (Most of the Banks provide Demat and Trading Accounts) (You can also choose an Online Discount Broker, But be Cautious)
  2.  Open a Demat Account (PAN Card, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Voter ID etc MUST)
  3. Some of the Online Discount Brokers ask for Cancelled Cheque.
  4. Post the Documents and wait for them to call.
  5. After you have opened the account ask for a Demo Session, so that you can understand the trading Interface.
  6. After you have done these, Understand the Market and Invest…



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