The Great Indian E-Comm. Sale

titleGreetings to my Readers, is back with its Great Indian Sale again!

Yes, I was also very much surprised because Amazon had put up a sale from 1st Oct’16 to 5th Oct’16 (A day earlier than Flipkart) and Again they are holding a Sale from 17th Oct’16 to 20th Oct’16. But the bigger surprise is that Flipkart & Snapdeal are functioning normally during this Diwali Period. No sale from Flipkart/Snapdeal.

Q. What is wrong with the Indian E-comm. Players?

Flipkart was the sole Player of the Indian E-comm. market in the previous years but during 2015-16. Flipkart lost it. With its valuation getting down from 15-Billion Dollars to 8-Billion Dollars and Recruitment issues from IIM, Flipkart is lossing the Indian E-Comm. market faster than any Online E-Commerce Site. But still I being an Indian love to shop at Flipkart but Amazon has come up from being disliked by me to going over Flipkart for me. Even for Reviews I go for Amazon.

Q. Why is holding another Sale so early?

Recently there was a news that Amazon is going to Invest 3-billion dollars in the Indian amazon site, to grow its site functioning and target the Indian shoppers.That being the reason, After the success of The Great Indian Sale, Amazon recorded One Billion Clicks on its Site. Which is great! Other E-Comm Sales like Flipkart’s Big Billion Sale and Snapdeal’s Diwali Sale couldn’t do much. I opened Flipkart just once to find out if they are Giving Away Pendrives for Re.1 like teh Big Billion Sale of 2014. But No…

Q. Why I shopped in Amazon and why you should too?

A month back I got a notification from Amazon that I am being upgraded to Prime Member for 60-Days, I thought it wasn’t valuable at all but when I check deals like Rs.10 + Free  Shipping. I went crazy over Amazon. I order more than 10-Books from Amazon, Clothes and Cosmetics. All Free Shipping, Flipkart had also come up with a similar model a few months back but they didn’t provide a free trail. My Prime membership has expired and I am very much earger to Renew it by Tomorrow.

Q. Why I still believe Flipkart can Make it?

Flipkart being the First love of Every Indian along with me, has a huge chance of getting back the Indian E-Comm. Market, Because only Flipkart has the trust of the Entire Indian Market. With better market strategy and Good Deals time to time. Flipkart can get back the spot within a Year.

Q. Has Amazon asked me to write it?

No, Amazon hasn’t. I don’t think they will even see what I have written. But, I was very much scarred by seeing Flipkart and Snapdeal remaining Dormant during this Diwali Month.


©Shubhraj Prasad Singh

All Rights Reserved.


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