Love and Lost?

Hello Readers,

wpid-img_20151113_221040.jpgToday, I am going to talk about ‘Loving and Losing’. Most people argue that they were in Love and as time passed, They were unable to keep the love alive. In my case, I am pretty much an Amateur when It comes to Love. But yes, I have fallen in Love and I am happy that I lost it. Losing the person I loved took me through hell. It showed me that I had become very vulnerable and I needed someone for Emotional Suppot. That too, Someone was outside my Family. There was no guarantee that it will last, Just a belief that we will make it through.

There is nothing like ‘Loving and Losing’. People who have loved can never Lose. Trust me when I say it. After a breakUp, Your life will be miserable. Your self-confidence will be thrown to ground. You will procrastinate on the decisions you made earlier. You won’t be able to concentrate on anything you do. And the only things helping you pass the time were your tears and the people who loved you and can’t see you in that position.

Losing the person, I loved gave me push for Success. But Success won’t be achieved just after a  BreakUp. You need to hold on to the feeling that you will succeed, Because when you do, Looking back you need to remember those times when you were down and out. And the person who you thought ment the world to you was just a Bad Dream. After you succeed you will have a big responsibility to acknowledge all the people who took care of you.

But don’t forget the person who was your bad dream because after you succeed that Bad Dream will come once again. Think again before accepting to watch the dream. What I wanna say is that, Enjoy your life and Yes, If you find the right person then LOVE them and If you find the Wrong ones, LOSE them.

Thank You,

Shubhraj Prasad Singh



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