Why do People Change?

wpid-img_20151114_085322_1447510420793.jpgHuman Beings are a Species who loves to  evolve with Time. People try to adapt with the latest trends and Most of us successfully adapt too. But why do we need to change?

People say “Change is a Part of Life”, But There has to be some deciding clause on what can be changed and what shouldn’t be. New Gadgets, Values, Clothes, Rules etc. are created everyday and most of us die to get hold of the latest happenings in the world. People wan’t to be the first. Most of the time it is due to show that World that are moving with the World. I am also a Gadget Freak and I crave for new technology more than most of the things. So, Is it Right to Change with the world?

I was travelling by train when a lady started talking to me, I was reading a Book, “I can’t move on like She did”. She started talking to me about how people change and all. What she told me changed the way I saw about my life. Every person is raised up with certain values from childhood. There is a reason why we are brought up with those values. There is a reason why God brought up the way. And people think that they have a right to change what they have been given.

We change thinking it will be fun. But the Values need to be kept in heart. The person who does so, Leads a better and Happy life. India is developing every day and Each day People are thinking to become better day by day. But we should think about the people who gave up their live’s happiness just to make you the person they wanted you to become.

I am really confused what I wrote above but the main moto is that ‘Before Changing Yourself, Think about the number of Years People have Invested in making the person you have become.’


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