Is it Selfish or Thinking about yourself?

banner-1071785_1920Have you ever been termed as Selfish for thinking about yourself? I bet you do or else you wouldn’t had opened this post. People love to judge others and criticise others. When someone sees the other person not doing something that is right in his thoughts he will term his as a Selfish person. Well, There is a fine line in between thinking about the well-being of oneself and being selfish.

Selfish means that we are thinking about our benifits without thinking about the benefits and losses of the other people involved with our decision.

Thinking about ourself is trying to make the best decision to benifit ourself.

As you can see if you cross the line you become selfish. People love to talk behind our backs and therefore they try to find out topics to make the gossip more intresting. Don’t let anyone else decide that you are selfish. You have the right to think about yourself as you like. You have to fight to protect your thoughts. And that is what will make you the man you will become.

Don’t let someone else’s opinion become your truth. Challenge every negative comment that is thrown at you. Accept the positivity and let go the Negativity.

Thank You.


2 thoughts on “Is it Selfish or Thinking about yourself?

  1. In my opinion, the definition of selfish goes a little further. I’d say it is when you in fact are aware of how a decision will impact another person, yet still decide to follow through even after acknowledging the harm it may cause.


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