8 Ways to Become Rich

Everyone wants to get Rich as soon as Possible. Some of us had luck struck us at an early stage and most of us are waiting for that One chance that will make us the Richest Man in the World. Well, Luck guarantees just 30% that you will succeed what will guarantee your success to 100% is hard Work. So, For those of you waiting for Luck to strike their lives, I am here to tell you about 10 ways to earn money at an early age or frankly any age.

  1. Look for Jobs like washing the Car, Cleaning the lawn or other Household works.
  2. Look for Freelancing Works on the Internet. There are many freelancing sites. One of them is http://www.freelancer.com , It has a good collection of Hirers and Appliers. There are a lot more site on the Internet. Well, Google is at your help. Help Yourselves.
  3. Save Money, Whatever you earn/get in a month, keep 10% of it as a Investment and Rest 90% you can use it for your Expenses. The best way to do this is to keep the money aside as soon as you get it.lamborghini-605334_1920
  4. Argue a lot before buying anything you want. There is WANT and NEED. We all want a Lamborghini But only a few of us need it. It does the same job with a better perfection for 100 times the amout spent on your current vehicle. So, Before buying anything. ARGUE with yourself.
  5. Don’t feel bad if you are not rich. Its life way of showing you that you have to understand the sadness to experience the Happiness that about to come. So, Whenever you feel depressed that your life isn’t going as planned. Look on the Mirror and Say, “I am ready for the Highs, I have seen the Lows.”
  6. Look for Oppurtunities regarding Bussiness, Sometimes even the smallest ideas make the best bussiness companies of the world. Don’t feel small if your idea doesn’t works out. Try again until you get that Once in a LifeTime Idea.
  7. Gracefully accept any gifts given by your relative/friends. But, Yes Before accepting do argue if you need it or want it.
  8. Make ambitious friends. Those friends who want to become rich will have the same thinking as yours. So, You can relate nicely with them. Rich friends already possess what you need. So, They will have different perspectives on most of the things.poor-1775239_1280
  9. Every Month keep 5% of your earnings for the poor. Because God helps only those people who help Others. Doing this will make you feel good and make someone else happy.

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