Feeling Jealous/Depressed? Read this

directory-466935_1280It won’t be wrong to say that there are days when we feel sad and lonely. We feel like we are very unfortunate seeing others enjoying their lives and all. Its human psycology to compare and most of the times we compare from the people who have attained greater success than us, And this is where it leads to Depression and down fall. Most of the times we think that our friends are happy after we see their facebook posts and then we see our lives and see that we are missing the spark. Well, Its not a secret that Most of the people in the World only post Good stuffs that are happening in their lives. No one likes to share that they are feeling low and they are depressed.

“Don’t Compare you REAL Life with someone else’s REEL Life.”

engagement-1718244_1280Life happens for a reason. Why bother people who have less importance in our lives make us feel depressed seeing them succeed. We are not born with Qualities, They have been creating every day of our lives. It might be that you will see that the people who possess the qualities have better command over them than you. But, You still possess them, You can also make the best out of it. Think about all the people who think that you have attained more than they have done. And I am pretty sure that you have already done. Think about the happy memories that you have collected during your lives. Think if you had posted them on facebook then others would have been jealous. Feel proud that you have enjoyed those moments of happiness and have kept those moments in your memoried rather than sharing with people who will be jealous with your happiness.


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