What I did this Year?

Greetings Fellow Readers,

technology-792180_1920It has been long since I last posted. This New Year started with a very different Air in my Life. Every breathe I take makes me feel more Motivated and Energised. I don’t know what has gotten inside me this year but I have really become more Efficient than the Previous year. It does feel good to find that I am better than the Person I was a year back.

A friend of mine suggested me to give myself this Complete Year ‘2017’. I liked his concept of working for this entire year. There are two things that can Happen this year, either I will achieve the Dream I was Dreaming since The day I controlled my Senses or I will find out my calling in some way or the Other. So, I have started Studying Kali linux with the thought of becoming a White Hat. Though I didn’t understand much but I did learn a lot about Ethical Hacking and Pentration Testing.

I was at home since 6th January’2017 because my Semester ended then, and I couldn’t waste another second of my Life staying here in Hostel. I had big plans for myself these Holidays. Looking back I have done a some Studying this Holiday Though It doesn’t feels much but It will help me in the future. I had decided to learn about the Stock market during this Holidays, I completed Reading Intelligent Investor and Did some Fundamental Analysis during these Holidays. What I learned I can Summarise in just one Sentence.

“A man in Control of his Thoughts, Controls his Success and his Life”

man-791049_1920I did learn Java Programming too during the holidays and I have Completed a good amount of Syllabus. Now, I don’t know What 2017 holds for me, But my hopes are very high for this Year. Apart from this, I watched Game of Thrones all the Seasons. I couldn’t help myself thinking that It could have been my Fate too…Aaah Lets leave this for some other time. I watched Sherlock all Seasons. I watched Mr.Robot all the Seasons, It motivated me for Ethical Hacking. And then some House hold works and so on. This is how I completed my Holidays this Year.

Okay, So from Today I have decided to make One Blog Post per Day. Lets see how far does my Streak goes.



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