Its all Above you!


I went to my Hostel Terrace today with my Roomate, A Cool Breeze was blowing and we started talking about Life and Thoughts. I understood that there is more to everything than we already know. That made me think about my Existence. I thought I was one of those People who knows why He is present in this Earth, Who knows the purpose of his Birth. But It really made me think. I started thinking about the people involved in my lives and their Significance.

It wasn’t a pleasant experience thinking about the things that I have suffered. It even felt bad remembering the Good old times because I know I won’t be able to live them again. My heart sunk into sadness and I couldn’t think anymore. So, I closed my eyes and lifted my head up. I started to motivate me that there is more to life than what I know and One day everything I have stood for will matter. But I need to stay persistant till then. There will be a time when all my thoughts will become reality.

universe-1044107_1920I did feel motivated, The cool Breeze helped me. Now, I opened my eyes and thats when It struck me. The answer to all my Questions lies within me, I don’t need my entire life to figure out what is Right or Wrong. I am the Judge of what is right and what is wrong. I believe in God and I know he will not let me do Bad.

It is good to take some time off when you are Upset, But make sure that after you are motivated you need to take time and adjust your life to make it better than the Life you were living then. You are upset for a Reason, Find it and Solve it. That is the only way how One can Improve.



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