My first OLA Ride

This Sunday, I went to Kolkata with my friends, Abhinav and Bhakat. We got down at Howrah Station and started figuring out ways to get to IEM Salt Lake, Kolkata. We had planned a lot about taking Buses from stop to stop, trams, taxis etc. But when we got down at Howrah we really couldn’t find a way a suitable transport. We went to the Bus Stand beside the Station and waited around 20 minutes for a bus labelled S12. Luckily the Bus didn’t arrive. (Smile!)


So, I took my Abhinav Bro’s new Smartphone and Booked an OLA. He had a coupon so, We got a discount of Rs.50. We boarded the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dezire from the Taxi stand. I cannot actually tell you the depth of my happiness when I sat on the front seat of the Train looking outside the window and clicking pictures. It was majestic. I always dreamed about going to Kolkata and roaming around, But who knew it would happen in such a luxorious way.

I couldn’t stop myself from clicking pictures and capturing videos of Howrah bridge, Salt Lake etc. The driver’s name was ‘Bappa’, He knew the city pretty well. We crossed Eden Gardens and I felt like running towards it. The roads had less traffic as it was Sunday. Bappa had a beautiful playlist and they ignited my happiness to the next level. I really couldn’t stop my smile. The car was rushing through the roads at a speed of 80kmph.

IMG_20170305_161043After around thirty minutes, We entered Salt Lake Area and I felt like I am in a totally different country. Huge Campuses of Companies, Enormous building and Beautiful Architecture made me ecstatic. I really wished I lived in Salt lake. BMW, Audi, Mercedes amd Ferrari too passed by, making me happy as well as motivated. Just when I thought I had seen enough, I saw a White ‘Porshe’ car. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I had seen a Porshe in NFS but never in real life. I had gone to Bangalore and Hyderabad, Neither of the two places did I see a Porshe, But I saw one in Kolkata.

Atlast we reached our destination on time. The billing amount did exceed our estimations by Rs.50 but we were happy enough to pay.It is a beautiful feeling to roam around a city in such a way. It maked you feel independant, confident and joyful. You all should try it. If any of you have such types of stories then do post in the Comment section.

Written by: Shubhraj Prasad Singh



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