The Bull Market 2017

stock-624712_1280For those of you connected to the Stock Market in some way might be well aware that the Market is in a Bull Run now. Sensex has crossed over 29000 points and Nifty is trading above its all time high of 9000 points. Looking at the prices of the Shares we can easily see that the Market is overbought.

Some of you may ask why the Market has reached this high. Many events triggered this run. The GST Bill, BJP’s win in Uttar Pradesh, International Markets rising etc. Making the shares over priced and giving the buyers a hard time making decisions. It might happen that you buy shares and tomorrow the market starts to collide. But, looking at the conditions of the Indian and International Markets, It doesn’t feels so.

So, what to do now? Should we buy shares? Or should we wait for the market to collide?

If you are a defensive investor you might stay away from the market for some time or start investing in small amounts. If you are an Aggressive investor I suggest you to read a Company’s annual report before investing in it. The global markets aren’t showing bad signs for now. The recent attack in London might lead a down in the Indices, but apart from that I don’t see much down initiating events.

Look for stocks that are near their lows and then check the Company’s reputation and annual reports. This will help you even if the Bears turn up tomorrow.

Thanks for Reading. Do, Comment, Like and Share.

Written by – Shubhraj Prasad Singh



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