cube-1979775_1280There is a Doha (Saying) by Kabir in Hindi:

Dhire Dhire re mana, Dhire sab kuch hoye,

Maali seenche sau ghada, Writu aaye fal hoye.

Summary in English:

Please have patience heart don’t be over-excited. There is a right time for everything. Think about the farmer who waters his crops everyday, But the crops only ripe when it rains. Kabir wants to tell us that we need to have patience. Keep working and go on working until you succeed. There is no fast way to success in life. When the time is right you will receive the rewards.

pieces-of-the-puzzle-592798_1280Today I met a boy who wanted to become famous as soon as possible. I advised him to work and build the skill that would help him gain popularity and money. But he wants to get everything instantly. People think creating a Youtube video will give them a million views. But it doesn’t works that way, We need to be patient. When the time is right we will receive our rewards. God looks on each and everyone of us, he decides whether we will be able to handle the rewards or not.

In this generation, People have become accustomed in doing everything instantly that they are losing patience even in doing regular day to day tasks like talking. They want to do eveything instantly. People want to earn money faster and that is all that leads to scams. We want to eat instantly so we opt for fast food items instead of home-made foods. We have forgotten the importance of time. Remember it takes an entire year for a mango flower to ripe and be ready to be eaten. When a tree without brain has so much patience then why can’t we.

Writte by – Shubhraj Prasad Singh



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