Our anti-social society

network-1020332_1280How is our Earth in 2017? Just for today get out of your common schedule and go for a walk. You will get the entire information about the current state of the earth by this. You will see students walking around with their mobile phones in their hands, men and women walking with their companions. Old people suffering from all kinds of health related issues, children playing ‘Clash of Clans’ and ‘Pokémon Go’ in the park. Boys/men riding on high speed bikes with goggles and fashionable jackets. Some of them even are lucky enough to get some girls in their lives; most of them are riding to show and a few of them are actually going somewhere.

Being a nineties kid, I have seen the entire revolution of technology. How people started using gadgets to accomplish day to day tasks in their lives. Slowly and steady we all became dependant on technology. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram all have tried to make us more social to the society and in a way are making us more anti-social. I am not against these social media sites, but I am against the people who think that staying social in Social media sites have made me involved in the society.

facebook-1811507_1280We all want to wish our loved ones on their birthdays but on Facebook. We all want to say sorry for the trouble we have caused but we do that on WhatsApp. We all want to share pictures of our loved ones on facebook for likes by people who don’t even care who are in those pictures. Technology is making us social in the internet but it is surely making us anti-social in real life.

People have started making excuses to post something on facebook just to add a few more likes to their existing thousands of likes. They hold on to their WhatsApp chats until they find something to share with everyone.  Some of us have become so free that we create fake information in WhatsApp and go on sharing it with their contacts until they get the total number of ‘Thank you for sharing’ messages to make them feel important in their lives. Yesterday I received a message from a classmate that reads ‘Please don’t eat meat…’ I asked him if he had created the message and he replied yes.

What shall we do?

  • Get hold of your lives.
  • Think about the joy you will give the other person when you wish him in person rather than online.
  • Don’t consider social sites to be the only medium of connection with our loved ones, Try calling.
  • Take time out of your busy lives to call your loved ones for no reason just to find out how they are doing with their lives.

Written By – Shubhraj Prasad Singh




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