You need to enter to discover


“You need to open the door to find out what’s in it, else regret your life thinking about the possibilities”

I have been hearing since my adolescence days that everyone has a skill in their lives. We all need to find that one thing that we do the best and go on doing it and make it the medium of our earnings. Twenty one years passed since I came into this world and the day I learned what I need to do is when my father decided to push me into Architecture. My entire family tried to push me to do Architecture. My brother was over-excited about it saying that it is an emerging field and we all need to do something to get hold of it. My parents just wanted to get their son into a good college for education.

I won’t give the excuse that I wasn’t ever asked what I wanted to. I was asked time and again what I wanted to do in my life but they asked in such a way that my answer was always what they wanted to hear ‘Engineering then MBA’ then 25 lakhs salary and marriage. When my brother forced me to get into Architecture, life threw me a pebble and made me drop a year of my life. Though the year taught me many things that I just required to get into engineering but the best thing it did was to make me realise that I need to find something that differentiates me from the rest of the crowd. I started Drawing, sketching, studying, working… Everything that I thought I couldn’t do but I couldn’t succeed. In those days Android was a new thing and I was a type of kid that was hell fascinated by technology but I never thought I could make a career out of just staying updated with technology.

keyboard-621830_1280I got 200 marks in my JEE for Architecture but my heart wasn’t ready to accept the fact that I will ever be able to create designs for buildings. My father forced my way into Engineering and here when I came into my college I realised that I was made to do Software Developing. I realised this when I saw that the entire generation is crazy about technology and most of us don’t even care how it is done. I wanted to understand and create new software’s and that is what is making my life going these days.

Every day I wake up thinking I will learn something new about software development and that is what makes me get up.

How did I find what I loved?

  • Experimented a lot
  • Find something you love
  • Go on doing it until you the end of the world
  • Eventually you will succeed.

Written by – Shubhraj Prasad Singh



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