“Stand alone to stand apart”

fisherman-2084346_1280We think success is what we see on the outside, but success is entirely opposite of what appears to be outside. We all are misguided by the fact that successful people show their talents. But actually they show the products that they have created by their talents. Steve Jobs never showed us ‘How he ran the company’; He always showed the products created by Apple.

We don’t need to show our talents, the end products will show our hard work. Don’t go around bragging that you have accomplished something. Make you output so much effective that people are compelled to notice it. Consider lonliness to be an advantage because you are free to do something you like. Fortunate are the people who get time to do what they love…

“Don’t try to make your presence felt. Be the person whose absence is felt.”

Boys go on doing stuffs to make themselves visible to the public but those kinds of people are just famous not successful. Success comes when you completely believe on the work you are doing and go on doing it even if the entire world is conspiring against you. Believe in yourself and your hard work and remember –

man-2037255_1280“When you love something from your heart, the entire world conspires for you.”

God always roots for people who give up everything for their dreams. Remember that ‘Karma is not a bitch, it’s an accountant.’ It keeps track of you good doings and evils, and returns them in the proportions. So do good deeds and be patient to receive to your rewards.

I just came around this thought during the course of the day so I thought to share it with you all. It is lonely at the top; it has to be this way. People who are capable of handling loneliness are the ones who are capable of handling the world. We all need to stand alone and work if you want to be noticed.

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Written by – Shubhraj Prasad Singh



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