Can we meditate our worries away?

meditate-2105143_1280Hello Readers,

I had a very rough day today, things were going out of hand, I was unable to focus on my works. I couldn’t rest. I was frustrated by the students in my college and more frustrated with the teachers. I was wasting time going through facebook and hating all those happy pictures of my friends and family. I felt like I was the only person who is suffering in his life. I have sacrificed so much for my dream and what I get is frustration. I felt sad; I was going to enter the phrase of depression. When someone advised me to calm my brain. I started thinking about good things, but it wasn’t helping.

So, I started walking loosely to my room where I thought will do me something good. But I couldn’t reach there. I was hell frustrated today. My heart was beating a lot heavier than normal. I was out of my mind.

It was then that I realised that It wasn’t only my brain that required calming, It was my heart that was scared. My father had told me once that the best way to control your emotions is to control your heart and the best way to control your heart is control your mind and son mind can only be controlled when it is calm. So, I decided to close my eyes and suddenly I felt as if something was exiting my body. Some energy was leaving my body and all I could feel was happiness and relaxation. It felt like I was possessed and now I was going through exorcism.

spa-2001305_1280As soon as I opened my eyes I won’t say I felt very happy, but yes I did feel better than what I was feeling. Whenever you feel frustrated just close your eyes and take 3-deep breathes. You will feel better. If that doesn’t works then sit on the ground, close your eyes, relax all your muscles and take deep breathes you will definitely feel good.

When you are unable to concentrate,

Just sit down, close your eyes and meditate.

When your mind and heart are in a debate,

Take a deep breath and meditate.

When your life gives you reasons to hate,

Try to hold your heart and meditate.


Thank you for reading.

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Written by – Shubhraj Prasad Singh



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