Can you do Everything?


“Don’t run after success. Run after excellence, Success will automatically follow you”

It is rightly said that human mind to open to millions of possibilities. If one can think about doing something, he can definately accomplish it. Don’t forget that mind is the best weapon in every fight. But everything has its limits. Nothing is good in excess, excess of imagination takes us to the imagination world. Some of us are unable to return back from it and accomplish their imagination.

It is good to think, but it is even better to make your thoughts into actions. Many of us consider ourselves to be more extra-ordinary. They think that they can do anything that they think. No one not even the most successful minds in the world think that they can do everything. Bill Gates didn’t think he can become a an Actor or a sportsman. He knew that he had the skill to create one of the most successful companies of the world so he did it.

Yes, I know some of you will say that a human being can do anything, But it doesn’t mean that he has to do it. Rather than being average at everything, try to be the best in one. Nobody is ever remembered for being good at everything. But all those who are best in a skill are always remebered.  I have seen boys studying, singing, dancing, playing, drawing etc. and they all want to be recognized for their skills. I know it feels great to brag about our talents. But you will feel better when you can say that you are best in a particular field and you own the field.

guitarist-407212_1280I am not advising you to leave everything and focus on one ability (like Entreprenuers, most of us are meant to be doing jobs). But those of you want to really make an impact on the world should discover that one thing that they love doing and expertise in that particular field because whatever be the case if you ever become successful it will be main reason behind your success. Work hard stay persistent and one day all you would experience is success.

“Before changing the world, Change yourself”

Thank you for reading. Do come and check tomorrow, I will post something new.




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