College – An Expensive Joke

books-1012088_1280When a boy leaves the boundaries of the school, he opens the gates that lead to the millions of the opportunities. But to choose the right one is what really matters. In most of the countries they have options of training, entrepreneurship etc.

“You are alive as long as you learn”

Colleges are getting more and more expensive every day. It is true that the value of everything is increasing and so should the value of education. But most of the times it seems that the quality is remaining consistent and the prices are reaching new heights. If someone had invested in a college when it was opening he would have earned almost ten times the investment. But in India, We have just two options either you drop out and start a business (Don’t think it as Entrepreneurship, Boys just want to earn money) or Get into a nice college. The irony is that both of them cost you a fortune.

Most of the students don’t get into good colleges because of financial issues and knowledge issues. The race has become so competitive that we have to run just to get proper education. Education is one of the most basic necessities of a student. But he/she won’t be able to receive that education because he fell behind someone who secured a couple of marks more than him. Students turn to loans and other mediums to pay their college tuition fees and eventually when they pass out they are over-burdened with EMI’s to repay.

library-1400312_1280That’s why people run into jobs straight away after studying. That shouldn’t happen, People should take a few months off to discover and learn more and more possibilities for their lives. The unprivileged poor students cannot think about good quality colleges because the tuition is so high that they might get ripped off of all their wealth. The lower middle class and the middle-middle class suffer even more, because before entering they plan their expenditures but because of the fact that the prices are rising before expected, they are not able to get out of the college without suffering a huge amount of money as college fees.

Think about the boy who is studying ten hours a day in a single bedroom apartment with all his family members in the house rooting for him to be successful. It is not the boy’s fault that he is unable to pay the high fees that colleges demand. We can blame the parents but they have done all they could to bring the boy to the position he is now. No one wants to be poor; we all have tried to get rich. But sometimes it’s just fate that you cannot deny.

We need to build better colleges with good education system; we need to create a mechanism to select students by their knowledge level on that particular field rather than looking at the marks that he/she secured in class 12 or class 10. If someone wants to do business then he should possess some skills that would allow him to run the business successfully. We need more options for studying and more fields to discover. Only then we can revolutionise the Education system.

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