What makes you wake up every day?

bedroom-1006526_1280“I wake up every morning and ask myself if I die today, what would be the only things I would want to do. And I keep on doing that”

– Steve Jobs

Every day we wake up in the morning, but have you thought why?Some of us even wake up at five in the morning but why? Are we less tired the other crowd or do we prioritize sleep less than the others. Whatever be the case we wake up and continue with our normal day to day activities. Let’s try something new today, before sleeping in the night ask yourself

“Will I lose anything important if I don’t wake up tomorrow?”

If the answer is yes, then you are probably onto something in your life. There has to be something for which we need to wake up in the morning. It might be some work, it might be for someone special or it might be something else. But if your answer is ‘No’ then you probably need to do something with your life. There has to be a driving force in everyone’s life that would make him/her wake up in the morning. We all need to have it.

motivation-1389126_1280If you have read my previous post then you would have already found out how we are chaining our lives and making it focus on just our day to day works. We need to do something that would be mattered if we don’t come and work on it the next day. We need to find someone who would feel left alone if we don’t get up the next day. Only then can we make our lives worth waking up for.

“There has to be driving force in your life, Find it.”

It might happen that you might die tomorrow, what would you miss doing the most. After you know the answer to this question, promise yourself that you will work every day of your life for that particular thing/person. This will lead you to live a happy and a more efficient life. Creating more opportunities, skills and motivation to live.

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Written by – Shubhraj Prasad Singh




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