“A Lion’s Attitude”

lion-1246678_1280Lion is known as the king of the jungle. I thought he was called ‘The King’ because of his fur around his neck. But it’s not only about the fur, it’s about his attitude. A lion is also called ‘A big cat’. But it totally depends upon the lion what he has to become. It is rightly said that we are known for the works we have accomplished. It applies on every organism living on this earth. If we act bravely, we are called brave. If we show acts of cowardice then we are framed as cowards. Whatever we do in our lives stays in this world and after we are long gone we are remembered for the deeds we have done.

A lion never walks with his pack but he leads his pack. There are other lions in his pack but most of them are his children and some of them are there because of the meat. The same applies to us too but there is a twist. We all need a leader in our lives. We all look for leaders in our lives but some of us watch the leaders. These people join the groups because they want to learn from the leaders and make their own pack. Like in the animal kingdom we have good and bad lions, the same way we have good and bad leaders in our lives. It is up to us who we want to follow. It takes courage to follow the right leader because the Right leader is taking courage to follow the right path.

ataturk-205470_1920A Real Lion never fears battle but he is also clever enough to decide when it is time to battle and when only his roar will be sufficient. We all need to be like the lion, we should always be brave whatever the circumstances are we need to fight. But there will be moments when you need to take back a few steps to gain more power to fight back. Don’t hesitate to take a couple of steps back if you are going to move ten steps further. If you have observed how a lion hunts then you have seen that when a pack of lions are attacking an Elephant, they are injured most of the times by the elephants trunks and sometimes even the elephant stomps on them. But there is someone in the pack who has the courage to kill the Elephant by biting on its neck. It might be that he is the leader, Even if he is not then he has been so trained that he was able to act as a leader when the situation demanded. A lion not only hunts but he also observes the situation before hunting.


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Written by – Shubhraj Prasad Singh



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