The price for Smartness


Technology is reaching new heights every day, it is developing in such a high pace that it feels like we are already living TEN years in the future. From smart pins to smart planes we have innovated everything. Mankind was made superior than other living organisms for a reason and it feels like we are already using the resources in a beneficial way. But a thing to ask ourselves is ‘Do we actually require these?’ I being a Geek myself am very much in favour of the new developments in the field of technology. It feels like whatever troubles we had in our day to day lives have been solved by technology but at what cost? It seems like technology is getting cheaper and cheaper every day.


When I was a child I used to be very fascinated when Secret Agents in TV serials talked through their watches. I fascinated about possessing about such a watch but never did I actually think if will be possible. But after I got my first Smart-watch ‘Moto 360’, I am having a hard time making up my mind that I have made a good investment. It thought I needed it but at the end of the day I always prefer my phone to consume media.



Dude! A pair of shoes costing twenty times the price of a pair of Sports shoes and all I could make is that I will be able to track my path that I walked, calories burned etc. But all I could end up thinking that I shouldn’t pay twenty times more to buy a pair of shoes just for location tracking. Use you Smartphone brother.


Actually you can purify the water present inside and even get details about the level of toxics present in the water. It is a very useful technology as we losing fresh water a lot times faster than what we used to do back in 2000. But all I ask is to reduce the prices of the products. It is expensive man.

SMART – STATIONERY, SMART-HOMES, SMART-………….the list is way longer than I can cover.

All I can say is that it’s good that we are innovating new technologies everyday but we also need to take care about the price to value ratio. Basically, what has happened is that Smart-tech has not fallen down the cheap-ownership line that’s why most of the people aren’t able to spend money on them. Price plays a very significant role in everything. Before buying anything in your lives check if the product is actually worth the price it is asking for. Don’t sacrifice quality over quantity because that is a cheap mindset. Think big to do Big.


Posted by – Shubhraj Prasad Singh



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