Is the market overbrought?

Sensex and Nifty reached new heights on Wednesday.

Sensex touched 30,000 points on tuesday and Nifty too couldn’t fall much behind and crossed over 9250 points. The market has crossed many of our expectations but what the most important question is whether it is good time to invest in shares or not. All I could feel is there is no reason for the market to fall. With the GST bill being passed and improvements in charges by the banking sector it does feel preety dangerous to think that the market might crash one of these days.

“Buy low, Sell High”

If we follow one of the most successful investors of our time we can easily understand that It is not a time for buying new shares. But can how can we actually be sure if the market is overbrought or is it that the market will rise more soon. I have read reports stating that Sensex will falll below 29000 points and I have also read reports that it might rise above 32000 points this year. Whatever be the case, at the end of the day it none of anyone’s business but the investor. Only a person who has invested money in the stock market actually worries about the market being overbought. But the whole idea of investing is winning over your heart. It is natural that you will be scared if the market starts to crash but all I can say is that you need to think according to your mind and not according to the market.

Only you can manage your profits not your advisor.

“Your mind should possess the control, Not your heart.”

We can invest in stocks now because there is not much cause of crash, The market will only crash when the investors feel the market is going to crash and that is the only reason of booking losses. All I can advice is that think before cashing out and cashing in. According to me the market will crash down to 29200 soon but it will also cross 31000 soon. Do share how you all are tackling the stock market fears.

Posted by – Shubhraj Prasad Singh



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