Your happiness lies just a call away


Leave your ego and Just Call

All you have to do is call, And Eighty percent of your problems are solved.

We all have that feeling in our lives that people have forgotten us and we are no longer important for them but most of times it is not true. We think that we don’t matter to them that are why they are not trying to keep in touch but if you look from their perspective then they also might be feeling the same. A human beings biggest enemy is his/her ego. A man who has taken control over his ego is a man who is happy in this world.

Sometimes it’s all a matter of priorities; it might be the case that the person who you think is ignoring you might be busy with his life. It might be the case that they are lonely and they want to stay in solitude because they are too ashamed and scared to face the outside world. They say don’t judge a book by its cover. I say don’t even judge the book at all. Just pick it up and read it, if in the middle of the reading you feel like you aren’t enjoying then leave the book aside. Same is the case with relationships when a person is too busy thinking what the other person is thinking about him.

Ego is the ender of all Relationships

If you will only think what others will think then what will the other’s think. Don’t make petty assumptions by seeing on what is in front of your eyes think harder, learn more about the issue and then decide if he/she is right in ignoring you. When a person decides to focus on his/her life then he is be forced to leave most of his luxuries and entertainment, In those cases it might happen that he/she is not able to provide you with the attention that you deserve. But this is no reason to decide that things have ended, it takes time and once you make through it the relationship will be deeper than ever.

All you have to do is call and find out why is a person in such a mood, why was a person not speaking to you, why was he abusing/ making fun of you. It is better to find out the last step of the problem before writing the solution. Sometimes the answer twists in the last step and that is where all the answers depend. Dig deep my friend, think harder, work harder and try to look from the perspectives of theirs while judging them.


Posted – Shubhraj Prasad Singh



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