Crossing the low

Dedicated to those who taught me to stand when I fell

Its difficult for everyone to get rid of a thing,its impossible for some to do the same,by sharing the lower sides of the life thy i disgrace twice…

Born with a simle luring on my face,
With caring hands and softening rays,
With delicate care preseverd in hands,
Like the costliest gem i remain…,

Then was the time step side,
Explore the world with our gazed eyes,
With beauty and shine and fasinating rhyme,
I still remember the days when i was fine…

It was to leave the hand who made me into this world,
Of coarse i was anxious with deep sorrows and tears,
It was my first step into the lone,
With deep ternches and shallow cones..

It then started to bump,
My life started to crump,
It was the lows and highs that lie while driving below the sky,
With deepening lows i was crying along with lowering diving in lone…

Sooner it became the deepest sea,
From where the happiness never flee,
Away from promises and courtesy,
Into the wilderness of suffering trees…

It said lows are life cards that slam hard, but they also disappear in the dark.

Now its the darkness and me,
With nothing to see and nothing to tree…

Said lower montain’s base higher its peak meant to be,
With one hand i keep waving to thee,
The low was at its deepest core with nothing else to tease me more,
Still beleived in heart’s core i would pass it with nothing more,
Yes it took time to be,
But was the top that i might be..

Nothing belong to prolong,
Nothing use stay,
Today u may be in the shades but tomorrow u might not remain,
Its life that god made entertain,
With chilli and sugar way on way,
At last i want to say how enjoy the way without the flavors that lay.

Written by – Abhishek Bhakat



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