Beyond words

Forever behind a smiling face remained a soul; Whose story was simple but yet wasn’t told . Fault was that intensions were great but life was hell; Thrashed by destiny it rolled back before he could tell. When stories remain unanswered by false reasons; When is someone is punished without reason for treason. Life doesn’t … More Beyond words

Crossing the low

Its difficult for everyone to get rid of a thing,its impossible for some to do the same,by sharing the lower sides of the life thy i disgrace twice… Born with a simle luring on my face, With caring hands and softening rays, With delicate care preseverd in hands, Like the costliest gem i remain…, Then … More Crossing the low


Talking today about the regrets that i made the mistakes that i had commited the sins that were handled by my side i close an apology to those whom it had been done. Life is a careless way Nowhere to run nowhere to stay Heading out in the way With sorrows and tears I lay. … More Sins!