Let me walk you in…

Dear Reader,

First of all, I thank you for viewing my blog. I appreciate you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my posts. I am a silent observer but sometimes when I start speaking it takes no less than a crowd to stop me from speaking. I like to talk about my thoughts, But because of my reserved nature I am unable to reach out to people to share my thoughts about life. Living in india and that too a boy, it is expected that we shouldn’t possess weak feelings in our heart but everyone has times when he/she breaks down. We need someone to share/ talk, I couldn’t find people who would understand my feelings so, I started posting on WordPress.

I know I can always post these articles, poems, thoughts etc. on facebook but I want my writtings to be preserved. I want people to like the posts only if they feel that the post is worth liking. 200+ likes don’t bother me but 200+ views does matter. I want my voice out to the world. I want the world to listen what I am thinking and share their thoughts on the matter in good light.

Someone who understands

Before this, I had made a technology blog ‘Phoreview’, but I wasn’t able to keep pace with the ever growing technology. So, I thought about making a blog about something that interests me as well as consumes less time.

Why “BluSP”?
When I was creating this blog, I was feeling the blues, And I wanted to create a blog about my life. So it came out to be BluSP. My name is Shubhraj Prasad Singh, I am a Computer Science Student. Passionate about writing and an appreciater of creativity. There is a saying, if you aren’t embarrassed by your first attempt then you are late in the attempt. Therefore, I started with a tech blog, Which in one day, I was able to get to 750-views. I am not kidding. Its true, But with a hell lot of advertising.

You have so much to do in your life, I know you have lots and lots of plans. But never forget that the people who you came across while traveling your road to success.

Lots of Love,

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