A man with a Thousand Hearts

kaku“Jethi Ma, Baba ka Khayal Rakhiyega (Aunty, Take Care of my Father)”, My cousin Brother Yash said when We were leaving for our Uncle’s marriage. That day I could feel the sadness in my heart, A son praying for the safety of his Father. Yash is 13 Years old and His father (Suju Kaku) was suffering from Stomach Infection. He was in a very severe condition but he insisted on not staying at home and So, That his brother’s marriage could be completed successfully. His health deteorated day by day. I could see on his face that he was very uncomfortable, But he was fighting Death, So that the Marriage could be completed succesfully.

We completed the marriage and returned home with our new wed Aunty. Suju Kaku was very happy (Emotionally) yet at very Pain (Physically). After the day got over, Suju Kaku said, “Shadi ho gaya? (Has the marriage completed successfully?)”. My mother said,” Yes, It was done very nicely”. Kaku said,”Okay then Now take me to a hospital”. We took him to a Hospital here in Dhanbad which isn’t famous for the Hospitals. The Doctors said that he was very serious and Nothing that they could do will help much. We asked them to do whatever they can. I could see the Fear in Yash’s face. My brother at such a small age has to suffer from all this. It made me very sad.

The next day I went to college and I heard that Kaku was being transferred to Ranchi when they had to stop at Bokaro because Kaku started to bleed from his nose. My Dad called me later that Night and told me that the Doctors there have given the statement that he wouldn’t make it through the night. My mother had taken Yash and his Sister to meet with their father in Bokaro. Kaku was very happy seeing them. These things made me cry on the Phone. My father who had called me to give this news could feel me cry.

I went to the terrace of my Hostel and Cried my heart out. There were some seniours on the terrace, But I couldn’t care less about anyone’s thoughts. I cried and Prayed for 30-40 minutes. The only thing that I could hear was “Jethi Ma, Baba ka Khyal rakhiyega”. I asked God why was he doing this to that little boy. I have been always a Believer a God that whatever he does he does for the God of all. I thought that God will find a way to make the best for my Brother. I asked God, Allah, Jesus and Guru all the Gods to Protect kaku.

Kaku was in very Pain, He gave up on 2nd December,2016. We didn’t have any information about the death until they came with the Body. I was in the hostel. I wasn’t feeling like doing anything. I had kept my Smartphone on Flight Mode. But at 12:05AM I opened my Smartphone to Check the news. My father called me then and asked me to come. I was very afraid to even ask what had happened. There was still a 50% chance in my heart that things are good and nothing bad had occured. The next day I came to my home and In half way, My father called me and Asked me to come to the Ghat. Thats when all my homes went down.

I came home and without even going to Kaku’s home. I came to my room and Cried. I asked god why has it to be done this way. I still recalled my Brother’s words. I cried and cried then My mother came and asked me to go because Yash was there in the Ghat and I should go and Support him. I went to Ghat and I was thinking of all the things that I will say to Yash if he cries. But, Yash was strong. I reached Ghat and I could see Yash was sitting there strongly with the people and He had already completed the KriyaKaram (Death Rituals in India). That is when I realised that Yash is Ready. There was Sadness in his Face and a Smile for the people who had come to visit.

There were more than 60 People in the Ghat all came because Suju Kaku was loved by them all. Everyone kept on saying that Whenever they had asked Kaku for anything. Kaku wouldn’t deny ever. If he possesed he would give. Thats why everyone had come there. I still Question God why had he done such a deed. I pray to Kaku that even he is not in this World anymore, I will not let him escape from his duty of supporting his family. He has to take care of his family.

He was a great person, It hurts to not see him around. But, Its good that he has been relieved from the pain.

Suju Kaku, You have made a place in every heart you visited.

‘Suju Kaku’s full name is Sujit Prasad Singh’


Writer: Shubhraj Prasad Singh


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