“People are so busy updating their status to ‘busy’ that they are not working at all.”

ipad-605439_1280“Technology is bringing us closer?”

It was predicted that technology will increase closeness in the future. But it doesn’t feels like it is increasing closeness, Rather it is drifting us apart from the real world. People are creating virtual friends online and talk about their problems to people who don’t care much about what problems others are facing. They have much confusion in their life to overcome. 500+ Facebook friends, 200+ Twitter followers, 300+ Instagram Followers, 200+ Whatsapp Contacts and forgive me if those are less than yours, But I am just assuming. and what not. It feels like the entire generation is living on the Internet.

“People are so busy updating their statuses to ‘busy’ that they have become not working at all.”

Technology is a gift for this earth but it is making us very much unaware about the in-person workings of the Soceity. Teenagers these days have become so much addicted to online shopping that they are ordering things for more price than the same item value in the nearby store.

Technology has made us fitness freaks?

Software companies are releasing fitness apps for users to track their fitness and all. But they don’t provide the much needed motivation that are provided by the Gym Trainers and Teachers.

turntable-1109588_1280Technology is creating Jobs?

Wait, Let the robots come in full form. Then we will see how many of the youths are employed and how many of us have lost our jobs to a machine with no Master’s Degree.

Technology is making life easier?

Yes, This is valid point they are making our lives easier and creating new types of threats for us. Before we used to worry we might get mugged while travelling. Now, We worry someone might hack our money away from us. We used to worry we aren’t unable to talk with our loved ones. Now, we just text and the talking part has almost gone.

Is technology creating distances?

Technology is creating new types of distances as well ending the distances we had previously between our close ones.

What should we do?

Just do this thing and you will enjoy riding this technology horse. In a day keep aside all forms of technology for an hour and go and feel the world. By feeling I mean talk with you friends, Go on walks, Tell them stories that you were going to share on Facebook etc.

What are your ways of handling this horse, Comment your answers.

“If you all have any suggestions about next post, Do comment”

Written By – Shubhraj Prasad Singh



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